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wgn >> officials are restoring service after an earlier accident left the tracks block. if all lanes were suspended today after a semi tractor trailer lost a lotus deal during an accident on nearby highway 90 in gary. some of the steel landed on the south shore line landing on the tracks. officials say the there was substantial damage to the overhead why and the tracks. they hope to have all of the
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services restored by sunday. gary mccarthy announced an increase in new reward for information for a 1-year-old police killing. it was one year ago today when he was gunned down while he worked off duty at a convenience store. to with such men are charged. police are still looking for the murder weapon and other people involved. mccarthy says the case will not be closed until they have all of the suspects in custody. >> the additional reward money was raised by the chicago police memorial foundation and the fraternal order of police. >> and a chicago police officer was injured when a man smashed his head against the pavement.
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the police officer briefly lost consciousness. the man has been charged with aggravated battery to a police officer and resisting a rest. police were investigating the report of shots being fired. they say williams was seen leaving the area at a high rate of speed. they followed him and that is when the confrontation began. >> dozens of people there and tell larry -- voluntarily turn in their guns to police today appeared people real to drop off their weapons with no questions asked. a total of 68 weapons were turned in. in return people receive wal- mart gift cards. for handguns, shotguns and rifles, they received a $50 card. they hope to have more gun buybacks in the new year as
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well. >> the deadline for avoiding the fiscal cliff is getting closer. president obama says he is optimistic. >> time is running out. congress needs to reach an agreement to prevent the country from going over the fiscal cliff with the deadline just days away. president obama said in his weekly address that reaching a deal will not be easy. politics can get in the way. >> we just cannot afford a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. the economy is growing. keeping it that way means that the folks to send to washington have to do their jobs. >> senator mitch mcconnell was seen arriving on capitol hill hours after congressional leaders met with obama. >> we will be working hard to see if we can get there in the next 24 hours. i'm hopeful and optimistic. >> missouri senator ray blunt says that politicians on both
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sides have irresponsibility, but tax hikes will not do much to address the nation's debt. >> it will not pay one-third of the annual interest now on this massive $16 trillion debt. >> the house returns to washington sunday evening when the before a deal needs to be reached. it is likely that negotiators will be burning the midnight oil. >> a 23-year-old indian woman who was raped and viciously beaten in new delhi has died from her injuries. her body is being flown back to new delhi from singapore were she was being treated. in an unprecedented display of grief and anger, protesters are mourning her death. the victim, a medical student has not been identified. the protesters have vowed that her death will not be in vain. in new delhi, a report -- it is
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reported on average every 15 hours. >> it is the kind of insensitive treatment that some of the politicians and some of the people. >> some of the people like us have come not to do not normally protest because nobody is safe in the city anymore. >> the woman died of severe internal and brain injuries. six people including a minor and of the server work arrested and are charged now with murder pierre >> it is a couple of days before we reach the freezing mark. >> we have a cold snap on tap.
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>> a cold snap just in time for new year's eve? what it feels like a snow -- like a cold snap arrived today. the ft noon high was only 28 degrees. we're down to 23 degrees with it -- with a wind out of the west at 15 m.p.h. and we did get some snow this morning, not much to really matter.
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it brings the total for the month to just nine tenths of an inch or a little below 1 inch. 28 degrees was the high today. the official high was up to 32 degrees. we have now fallen back to 23 degrees at o'hare. the big story is the wind. the win currently at 10 m.p.h. to 20 m.p.h. that has windshield values very cold. northern indiana has its own problems. but look at this. the colder settling on the gulf coast. that is a hard freeze warning in effect from west georgia wright into parts of eastern louisiana. winter weather advisory is in the northeast. these are winter storm warnings with snowfall amounts from two
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inches to 8 inches, and in that area. a dewpoint temperature of just 17 degrees. look at this, northern indiana you can see lake effect snow finally pulling away from that area. all in some 3 inches came down. notice the rain off the coast. that heavy snow is continuing to come down. tomorrow should be relatively quiet. we may even get some decent sunshine. but monday and tuesday, the clubs will build and snow flurries possible, as -- but clouds will build and snow flurries possible. a few bricks late in the evening. low temperatures in the morning in the teens. look for wind at of the north at
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5 miles per hour to 14 miles per hour. sunday night, a 20 degrees to 25 degrees for the low. on monday, now much changing in temperatures, back into the 20 costs. but snow possible far south. the seven day forecast shows tuesday with cold air pressing it to chicago. that will be interesting with temperatures making it to 24 degrees if we're lucky. -- to 22 degrees if we're lucky. many mid-to-upper-30's by next friday. >> a good way to start the year. underground dinners, she finally realized her dream of opening a restaurant.
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>> it is a stunning new rival. >> below the state to the door i the only indications that you have arrived at elizabeth. the tiny restaurant only has three tables, each featuring a distinct menu. >> three different menus with the essential theme of being local sustainable, that runs through all of them. it is the farm-to-table focus. some imported from the pacific northwest or japan or other countries. >> local in creance play a role in all of the ingredients. there is almost zero crossover
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from one menu to the next. the only exception is a round pancake filled with anything from the coach used to travel. on the diamond menu, you will find this christine poached oysters presented in a leaf and a dessert of bacon ice-cream topped with whiskey butterscotch. the deer menu offers mushroom consomme served in elegant italian espresso cups. it includes a buttermilk biscuit, a smear of bacon fat to spread on the biscuit, a spoonful of apple mustard, and pink marshmallow. there is also a dish with a mini skillet with a slow-coached quale. it takes a while because you get eight courses and as many as 20 opinion the menu. and you can spend anywhere from
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$65 during the weekend two hundred dollars for the saturday night diamond. it is three stars for elizabeth. one of the best new restaurants of 2012. >> that is right around the corner from here. >> for more on this new restaurant, tax bill tonight. >> and the local lottery drawing is coming up next. still to come, a double dip on the west side. the orange crush for an afternoon to boff. >> the bulls will and the wizards -- the bulls' welcome to the wizards.
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yes it is time for the -- when you add this to your lotto purchase, you have the opportunity to increase your lotto winnings. let's see what it is. six. that is the shot number, 6. if it is time to start dancing. good night.
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>> if you play someone who is not as good as you, it slows your game down.
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the bulls cut more than enough to make their way past the washington wizards. hamilton came back and scored five points. the bulls get a turnover and more go on the other end. they had a nice offensive game. the bulls maintain a slight edge will the way. they finally pulled away in the fourth quarter. the bulls shot 39% and still won by 10. >> he has already proven to be a good player in this league. we knew it was a matter time. once he had a better
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understanding of his teammates and his teammates had a better understanding of him, he was good to go. he can score a lot of different ways. he can score and catch and shoot and make plays. we're trying to use him in a lot of different ways. we think he is a lot more comfortable and is now much more aggressive. >> auburn played a matinee at uc. tracy berms for a three. he had 27. and nice move to jump the pass. he would go all the way for the layup on this one. auburn did of a brief lead new the end. 81-79 the long hard battle against the auburn tigers. >> usually, when you talk about
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a game being grinding, you think of a game in the 40's and 50 boss. but it was kind of grinding. this is not one of the 61. we had some -- this is not one of those sexy ones. we had some plays. >> the ramblers grabbing a lead. loyola led 8-37. he goes outside. the final was 69-61. the waiting is almost family over for the bears and their fans. if they win the game, there will have to hope the packers keep the vikings.
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walters has played in all 15 games on special teams. the now he starts at safety. >> i think it helps take the pressure wave. those guys may plays. i think they help relieve the pressure. >> the texas longhorns mascots. 36 yards deep in the corner of the end zone. 67 yards.
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he had two touchdowns. the air force band 2 and up -- the air force band tunes up. holiday furlough time with the wolves game. paul byron nelson home. -- nails it home. you guys route for the bears. >> it will happen. >> i like the bears. i'm not so sure of the game. >> we will be watching. that will do it for us on this saturday night. >> thank you for watching. we will see you back here tomorrow night.

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